There is no doubt that vibrators have completely revolutionised the sexual market. Being able to enjoy an orgasm anywhere and with the desired intensity is an advantage that millions of women are enjoying.

Unsurprisingly, this sex toy has diversified to give rise to a wide variety of self-pleasuring models.

Such novelties include rotating devices, a new type of vibrator that promises to elevate your pleasure to the max.

What are rotating vibrators?

Unlike a conventional vibrator, the rotator is characterised by circular movements while in operation. Such oscillation is great for stimulating the anus and/or clitoris, achieving a more satisfying climax.

It is worth mentioning that rotating vibrators can also be classified according to their form and function.

Some are designed to exclusively stimulate the vagina, reaching the most sensitive areas of the vaginal cavity. Achieving this is often difficult for most men, so it is not surprising that these toys have become an object of desire in a large part of the female sector.

How to choose the perfect rotating vibrator for you?

We recommend you consider three things when making your choice:

  • Size: Contrary to what many imagine, having a particularly large vibrator is not synonymous with greater pleasure. Knowing your body will be essential when choosing the best size for you.
  • Appearance: This depends on your preferences. Maybe you are looking for a vibrator that simulates a real penis, or you prefer a more original model. There are coloured and even transparent ones.
  • Charge: Rechargeable vibrators are the most recommended; nobody likes to be changing batteries over and over again. In addition, there are very innovative models that you can control from your smartphone and take with you on your travels.

How do you use a rotating vibrator?

First of all, make sure the vibrator is charged or has working batteries. Decide on the position in which you prefer to stimulate yourself and lie down in a comfortable position. Then insert the dildo, turn it on and let the vibration do its job.

Move the device as you like or change position and intensity as your body asks you to. It is very easy to have more than one orgasm if you dare to experiment.

It is recommended to use a lubricant before you start to facilitate the insertion of the toy. Also, remember to clean and air dry the toy when you're done.

Best rotating vibrators

There are many models of vibrating vibrators with amazing features. The most pleasurable ones are listed below:

  • Realistic rotating vibrator: In addition to producing a delightful motion, they have the appearance of a real penis. Ideal for women who want to make the experience more real.
  • Double vibrator rotator: It has the classic vaginal stimulator and two additional appendages: a head that caresses the clitoris and a chain of balls that massages the anal cavity, tripling your pleasure.
  • G-spot rotating vibrator: Its special curvature is designed to reach the magical G-spot, with variable intensities.
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