Erotic Cosmetic

Lack of innovation in sex is the biggest problem facing thousands of couples every day, and the reason they are eager to try new things. Today, men and women can expand their pleasure by discovering that intimacy goes beyond intercourse and foreplay.

If you've identified with this situation, you may be interested to know about erotic cosmetics, an exciting concept that could completely revolutionise your sexual routine.

What is a sensual erotic cosmetics accessory?

Erotic cosmetics products are designed to enhance anyone's intimate experience. Not only while having sex; but in all kinds of moments with your partner, for example, when taking a bubble bath together or when you want to give each other a massage.

In general they all have the same benefits: delaying orgasms, achieving stronger erections, lubricating the vaginal walls and increasing sensations.

Who are erotic cosmetics for?

These products can be used by men and women alike.

The erotic cosmetics niche encompasses a wide variety of tastes and fetishes, including people of all sexual orientations. Their items are as diverse as they are easy to use, and will undoubtedly transform your couple moments into fun, spicy and wickedly unforgettable moments.

How to use erotic cosmetic products that increase sexual desire?

Using a product of this kind will help you to experience sex in a different way, by stimulating different parts of your partner's body instead of just their genitals.

How to use varies from one item to another, so it is recommended that you read the instructions before you start.

For edible products, check the list of ingredients to rule out any allergies or intolerances. Things like gels and lubricants should be tried first in a small amount and removed if you notice itching or redness.

How many types of intimate cosmetics accessories are there?

Among the most popular erotic cosmetics accessories, we can identify the following:

  • Sexual lubricants: Available in different presentations, flavours and aromas. They are intended to lubricate the intimate parts to make intercourse more pleasurable. Many have contractile properties, which improve the elasticity and firmness of the vaginal walls.
  • Body gels and oils: They moisturise and illuminate the body in a beautiful way, giving it softness and a delicious aroma. Nothing like soft skin to surprise your partner.
  • Body paints: If you like body painting, this is perfect for you. This type of paint is used to complement erotic games, you can use it to draw or write at will on the body of the other person. Some have exotic flavours that will stimulate your tongue and palate.
  • Bath salts, candles and perfumes: The ideal accompaniment to enjoy in the bedroom or in the bath. Their intense and pleasant aroma will envelop you completely, creating a romantic atmosphere that will bring your senses to the surface.
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