The erogenous universe of the body is fascinating. For this reason, renowned sex toy brands are increasingly surpassing themselves in designing products to please the erotic desires of these sensitive pleasure zones.
Our sex shop has an exclusive catalogue of female g-spot vibrators, male g-spot vibrators and clitoral vibrators that will take you to the most exquisite and exceptional levels of ecstasy... They will literally make you shudder.

Best g-spot vibrator

The trophy for the best g-spot vibrator goes to Gigi, from the cutting-edge erotic brand Lelo. This g-spot vibrator is of sophisticated design and finished with a flat tip, to reach that voluptuous erogenous peak.

Fabulously stimulating, it is a discreet, rechargeable and submersible g-spot vibrator with a fantastic ultra-soft silicone texture. With eight glorious patterns of sensual ripples, this g-spot vibrator only needs to be switched on to ignite you and dampen you into orgasms, wherever it teases you. Browse our selection of g-spot vibrators and discover more from Gigi.

Clitoral and g-spot vibrator

The perfect combo of pleasure in one vibrator, which can stimulate both clitoris and g-spot at the same time. This vibrator is designed to reach the ultimate peak of female climax.

The clitoral and g-spot vibrator is designed to stimulate both erogenous zones at the same time, with delicate yet precise oscillations that can vary in intensity and mode at the touch of a button. The modern, minimalist clitoral and g-spot vibrator models incorporate delicate lines, anatomical sizes and silky materials to bring out the limitless eroticism in you to its fullest. There is an indulgent bunny at the service of your pleasure in our catalogue.

G-spot vibrating egg

This marvel of feminine stimulation offers the possibility of taking pleasure games out of the bedroom, with total comfort and absolute discretion. The g-spot vibrating egg is a provocative toy that can be inserted into the vagina while in public. Its seductive vibrations are controlled with a remote control and its silky texture will delight your g-spot. Waterproof, ergonomic and fascinatingly beautiful, with the g-spot vibrating egg you just have to decide whether you control the excitement... or give that stimulating power to your partner.

Male g-spot vibrator

Reaching a glorious orgasm by massaging the male g-spot is something every man needs to try. With a male g-spot vibrator it is possible to achieve unique levels of arousal with its anatomical design and delightful undulations over the prostate region or male g-spot.

Male g-spot vibrators have a silky, precise length for exquisite anal penetration, while the vibrations provide a pleasurable massage to the g-spot. Some models also stimulate the perianal area.

The male g-spot vibrator is ideal for solo fun or to ignite the lovers bedroom with penetrating pleasure.

Powerful g-spot vibrator

The intensity of ecstasy achieved with a powerful g-spot vibrator is indescribable. The o
The perfect design lines of the g-spot vibrators are designed to be used in a variety of different ways, and the vibrators are designed to be used in a variety of different ways.

The perfectly designed lines of the g-spot vibrators are specially created to project their full power in exquisite waves of lustful pleasure.

Your sex life will change forever when the powerful vibrations of a powerful g-spot vibrator penetrate to indulge the innermost desires of your eroticism.

Silicone g-spot vibrator

Silicone g-spot vibrators are the most sought after by insatiable erotics and ideal for those who have not yet tried adventures of infinite pleasure.
Silicone offers fabulous textures that in combination with the stimulating waves of a g-spot vibrator can take you to navigate in the voluptuous wetness of your most ardent desires.

In our sex shop we have g-spot vibrators in silicone to please the most demanding hedonists who like to stimulate their erogenous zones with the sensations provided by the silkiness of this material along with erotic undulations.

How to use g-spot vibrators

To discover the wonderful rounds of pleasure that a g-spot vibrator can give you, start by familiarising yourself with its movements and your body's response to those vibrations.

Try the sensual undulations of your g-spot vibrator first on other erogenous zones such as the nipples to gradually build up to ecstasy.

Play alone or as a couple with the different programmes that g-spot vibrators offer you to extend your erotic play. Once you have identified with which of the movements you achieve orgasm faster, try changing the intensity just before you reach climax.

Clean the g-spot vibrator with suitable products before sharing the pleasure of its undulations with your partner or at the end of your pleasure session. And if you are going to use lubricant, preferably water-based.

How to choose a g-spot vibrator

There are different options for g-spot vibrators, either to use for your own enjoyment or to share pleasure with your partner.

Choosing the most accommodating g-spot vibrator means knowing what you want to achieve and the levels of pleasure you want to experience. They come in different programmes, time durations, discreet versions or playful and colourful shapes.

The variety of sizes of g-spot vibrators are adapted to the body anatomy. Minimalist models, with futuristic curves or that look like real designer jewels, these g-spot vibrators offer pleasure both to the eye and to your most precious erogenous zone. Visit our catalogue of g-spot vibrators and fall in love at first sight.

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