The trend of organic products has reached the erotic toys market, proving that it is possible to lead a full and fun-filled sex life, while at the same time betting on a sustainable way of life.

Among today's most popular eco-friendly sex items, we can find a wide variety of condoms, aphrodisiacs and toys.

Organic dildos are an incredible example of this positive trend, new accessories that will allow you to fulfil your hottest fantasies while taking care of the environment.

What are Organic Dildos?

Organic dildos are characterised by the fact that they are made from sustainable, biodegradable materials such as wood, glass and granite - goodbye harmful plastics!

This is fantastic and much healthier for your body, as it is an article that comes into contact with your intimate parts.

The organic dildo stands out for its excellent attributes:

  • Optimal hygiene: They are easy to sterilise and clean with hot water. You can share them, as long as they are well disinfected.
    Durability: The solidity of their materials gives them a level of resistance that you will not find in any plastic toy.
    Ease of use: The absence of pores on the surface facilitates the application of lubricants and oils.

Organic dildos can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

How to choose the perfect Organic Dildo for you?

Consider three aspects to make your choice:

  • Material: The texture of materials such as those mentioned above is delicious and capable of producing pleasurable sensations.
  • Power supply: There are battery-powered and rechargeable. The latter are usually the most convenient.
  • Shape and size: You will find organic dildos in different sizes and designs. Some closely mimic the traditional shape of a phallus.

How do you use an organic dildo?

The use of organic dildos does not differ at all from conventional dildos. Simply position yourself in your preferred position and gently insert the object, moving it as you please.

As always, we recommend the use of lubricant to enhance your experience.

A great way to take advantage of this kind of dildo is to put it in the fridge before playing with it. Materials such as glass and granite have the ability to absorb temperature changes in a matter of minutes.

Using a cold surface to stimulate your body or your partner's is always an experience worth trying.

Best Organic Dildos

Want to enjoy a new threshold of pleasure with an organic dildo? We recommend the following:

  • Organic glass dildo: Soft and elegant. Our model can also be used as a massager, thanks to its curved structure.
  • Organic black granite dildo: The weight and texture of this type of ancient rock will heighten your sensations to the maximum, giving you longer and more intense orgasms.
  • Organic moonstone dildo: Also known as Larviquíta Blue Pearl, this stone from Norway looks beautiful in erotic toys. In addition, the quality of the material makes it easy to handle the dildo to reach the G-spot.
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