Massage Candles

Giving and receiving pleasure through body stimulation with massage is an ancient and provocative practice that has seduced mankind. If to this scenario we add the energy of candlelight, the warmth of essential oils and intoxicating aromas we have a powerful erotic sensory cocktail that will melt the lovers' game in lust.

The erotic massage candles trap in their designs, ingredients and fragrances all the sensuality of body massage candles. Activate your body's sexual energy with our erotic massage candles and discover the aphrodisiac power of caresses all over your body.

How to use massage candles

Get ready to awaken all your senses and arouse your partner by incorporating a body massage candle into those romantic rituals before a session of penetrative sex.

Erotic massage candles are safe and do not burn. They are designed so that, once lit for a couple of minutes, their stimulating and selected ingredients begin to melt, providing a suggestive aroma in the room and activating the energy of their oils. And if you add background music?.... The evening promises.

Prepare the moment with your partner, light the erotic massage candle and choose a comfortable position. Perhaps blindfolds or handcuffs on your lover's wrists can further stimulate the lust of the occasion. Take the body massage candle container and gently pour some of its warm contents over your partner's body, who will immediately feel the pleasant sensations of the warmth of the melted waxes, your hands gliding over the skin with sensual movements and the exotic aromas, enveloping everything in a whirlwind of pleasure.

We recommend placing the erotic massage candles in a safe place while they are lit and extinguishing the fire before pouring the contents, due to the risk of burns. Pouring the melted oils directly onto genitals or nipples should be avoided. However, with your partner's consent, there are no limits to creativity in sex play.

How to do scented candle massages

Scented candle massages stimulate not only the skin, but exalt pleasure through the olfactory notes offered by their exquisite aromas, which are activated once the candle is lit, impregnating the room with an erotic musk.

Start the games of pleasure by pouring the melted wax over your partner's bare skin and spread this aromatic hot balm with soft, undulating caresses all over their body. You will both feel how the aphrodisiac perfume of the body massage candles will excite the sensuality and lust of the evening, while you enjoy the pleasure of stimulating the body's geography.

How to massage with oil candles

Oil candle massages are extremely stimulating. Their oily, natural and aromatic ingredients are made to melt at a comfortable temperature of no more than 40 degrees, providing a pleasantly warm and pleasant smear ready to massage your partner's body.

The selected blend of natural oils and essential oils with low melting point of these body massage candles is ideal for activating sensuality in the foreplay of an erotic evening. In the intimacy of the bedroom, enjoy the warm strands of fragrant oil flowing silkily through the friction of hands on skin, creating an intimate connection beyond the senses.

Shunga massage candles

Shunga massage candles are a favourite for lovers who love to experience aphrodisiacal body massage candles with smooth textures and delicious aromas.

With attractive oriental designs and stimulating natural oils, these body massage candles are packaged in convenient lidded tins that offer erotic aromas such as: exotic green tea, exotic fruits, champagne and strawberries, roses, vanilla and chocolate.
They come in two sizes: 170 ml for 40 hours of light and 30 ml with a 7-hour flame.

Petits Joujoux massage candles

For authentic journeys of sensory pleasure, the Petits Joujoux body massage candles are the direct ticket to fragrant and erotic body stimulation.

These massage candles combine in their natural oils the perfect bouquet of seduction that intoxicates the most passionate couples. They come in delicate little jars or elegant ceramic jars of 120 gr. and 190 gr. specially designed to contain these aphrodisiac balsams, which will take you to exotic places of pleasure.

Dare to experience the art of seduction with erotic massage candles, anoint your lover with voluptuous caresses, enjoy the warm touch of the oils on your skin and become intoxicated together with the bouquet of love... Pleasure guaranteed.

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