Sex vibrators have become a favourite way for millions of women to experience authentic orgasms while playing with themselves. Nowadays we can find a number of models and styles of this popular toy, which fit the preferences of the user.

In terms of taste, some girls prefer to experience a sensation that is as close to reality as possible when stimulating themselves.

To achieve this, realistic vibrators are the best solution.

What are realistic vibrators?

They are realistic-looking vibrators, designed to simulate a real penis.

An innovative feature of this type of replicas is that they faithfully imitate the different shades that exist in human skin. In this way, many people have fulfilled the popular erotic fantasy of being penetrated by the organ of a man of colour.

Realistic vibrators are also a functional alternative among couples who wish to experience a threesome. Playing with a realistic looking dildo can either make up for the lack of a third partner or help them decide once and for all if they are ready for the experience.

How to choose the perfect realistic vibrator for you?

When it comes to realistic vibrators, there are three crucial features to consider:

  • Appearance: The look of the synthetic skin is everything. In addition to getting a toy that gives you amazing sensations, you can choose the colour of your choice. They come in skin tones or bright colours.
  •  Size: The size is also to your liking, if you know your body well, you will know what your limits are when trying something new. Just remember that the biggest vibrator will not always be the one that gives you the most satisfaction.
  • Shape: Some vibrators have curves designed to reach the most sensitive areas of your intimacy, such as the G-spot, so impossible for most men.

How do you use a realistic vibrator?

High quality realistic vibrators can feel just like a real penis. Using them is just as easy as using any other vibrator.

Start by getting ready to play. Choose a comfortable position and lubricate your private parts with a special gel; this will make penetration easier. Turn the toy on as you gently insert it and let your body's sensations guide you.

If you are using a realistic vibrator for the first time, we advise you to choose a size of around 15 centimetres. Over time and after getting used to it, you can increase the size if you wish.

Best realistic vibrators

There are several models of realistic vibrators to choose from. The best and most popular are described below:

  • Realistic vibrator with testicles: Increase the sensation of reality by enjoying the scrotum-shaped appendage that accompanies the traditional dildo. Its incredible texture and powerful motor will satisfy you to the fullest.
  • Double realistic vibrator: It has an ultra-realistic double appendage, which intensifies the pleasure of penetration. The more advanced ones can be used in the shower or mounted on a strap-on for use as a couple.
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