Erotic shop Lolatoys

There is no greater pleasure than to enjoy the game of sensuality with the desired person.

Lolatoys is much more than a erotic store or sex shop. In Lolatoys seek to create a lifestyle in which the pleasures of sensuality and intensity of emotions go hand in hand to achieve the satisfaction of a complete and full life.

The collection of items that you find Lolatoys define a new understanding of sensuality and eroticism: allow exploration of the most intimate fantasies and communication of hidden desires, getting the relationship with the loved one is more open and sincere thanks to the expression of the passions without fear or taboos.

To be able to create with your partner enjoy these exquisite environments and romance in Lolatoys have selected for you the most original and surprising items, made from top quality materials and following the latest trends in design: luxury lingerie, wedding and fantasy collections prêt-à-porter, home accessories, bathroom, bedroom or body care.

You can also find here the latest trends and cutting edge materials in sex toys and dildos, vibrators, geisha balls, rings, massagers, all from the most prestigious international brands (Lelo, Fun Factory, Je Joue, Philips, Jimmyjane) or innovative brands like Ivaginarte.

And to create that perfect ambience of sensual exploration that involves all the senses, with our products you can also soak in baths aphrodisiac scents, discover edible body paints, enter the world of massage oils, all in a romantic ambient light of candles, from the hand of Kamasutra, Fun Factory, Bswish or Cerabella, and along with the most exquisite collections of art, literature and music.

Lolatoys is much more than a erotic shop. It is the gateway to a world of sensations and pleasures that you can explore with your lover.

Come and discover us.