With our extraordinary catalogue of stimulating toys for fun, delicious and unforgettable anal sex sessions, you'll light the Greek fire in your bedroom. So, relax, plenty of lube and go for it.

Anal dildos for men

Either with a delicious masturbation or to play as a couple, in our sex shop we have a variety of anal dildos, both for homosexuals and heterosexual men who have broken down taboos and have surrendered to the joy of deep penetrations through the anus.

Anal dildos for men are designed to stimulate the prostate area or the so-called male g-spot, perfect for reaching the most sensitive areas of the anal and rectal region.

For beginners as well as for the more experienced, anal dildos for men are offered in different shapes, sizes and models, with remote controls or mobile apps, which control the orgasmic vibrations that will bring the male anus to an unbridled and magnificent sexual ecstasy.

Anal dildos for women

Once you have tasted the satisfaction of cumming with a good penetration with anal dildos for women, you will forever cross the boundaries of eroticism, beyond just vaginal orgasms.
The options of anal dildos for women that we have put at your disposal offer you the possibility to get started step by step in anal sex or reach extreme levels for the most experienced.

These anal dildos for women come in realistic models ejaculators of delicious fluids that mimic a male cum in your anus and/or designed with sinuous vibrations and stimulating jolts to dilate the sphincter. They will delight your sexual routine, for solo masturbation or hot sessions in the company of your lover.

Anal inflatable dildos

These inflatable dildos for anal sex are inflated by squeezing an air pump or bulb. There are models of inflatable dildos with vibration that combine manual filling with pleasurable oscillations, which make the gradual expansion in the anus an incredible delight.

Designed for expert anuses who desire levels of pleasure possible only with the slow, rhythmic stretching of the anal musculature by an inflatable dildo. These anal dildos will drive you to erotic satiation.

Transparent anal dildos

Crystalline and sophisticated with their sensual design lines that seduce at first sight, these transparent anal dildos will become true fetishes of the translucent.

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of transparent anal dildos. Minimalist or with snaky textures in silicone, gel or glass for temperature games, the transparent anal dildos are fascinating. Nothing could be more erotic than having your anus penetrated by real pieces of art.

Anal dildos with harness

Anal dildos with harness captivate with erotic straps that fit the buttocks and hips of the female anatomy.

Anal dildos with sensual harnesses give the girl who owns it an exciting feeling of power. Controlling the degree of pleasure of your partner - man or woman - as well as the rhythm and strength of penetration, will elevate the stimulation and mutual pleasure in ardent degrees.

Anal dildos for beginners

The maxim for beginners to anal sex is: One step at a time. Relax, lubricate well and start with an anal dildo for beginners. We want that first time to be satisfying.

The first anal dildo we recommend is a dildo that is narrower than the conventional ones. These anal dildos are thin, flexible and comfortable to experience the first sensations of pleasure in that area. In our online shop we have anal dildos for beginners to experience the glorious joy of daring to anal sex.

Best anal dildos

The best dildos for anal sex are those that meet high expectations in design, ergonomics, materials allowed and hypoallergenic, safe, comfortable to clean and suitable for use with lubricants.

The anal dildos options available to you in our online shop are tailored to your level of experience and the levels you dream of trying. Anal penetration is not the same for a novice as it is for a sexual master of the art. We have the best anal dildos, take a look at our catalogue and check it out.

How to use anal dildos

Hygiene first and foremost. It is important to meticulously wash the anal area thoroughly and highly recommended to use an enema to completely clean out any debris, to avoid any unpleasant mess.

The use of sex toy cleaners and/or antibacterial soaps prevents infection or cross-contamination with the germs that naturally make a life in your ass. Also using condoms on the anal dildo is vital so you don't get sick with an STD.

With patience and lube the elephant did his thing, so the saying goes. We insist on the need to lubricate very well, both the anal dildo and the anus, because no matter how much excitement this orifice is not going to get wet by itself.

It is important to know the material of your anal dildo, silicone lubricants are not compatible with silicone toys. Water-based lubricants are usually the best choice.

Open and honest communication with your partner is key to knowing when to stop or how far you can go with a great anal dildo. Talk to each other, trust and enjoy.

How to choose an anal dildo

Those of comfortable and easy insertion to get started in anal eroticism are the favourite anal dildos for beginners. For the experienced and demanding lovers there are anal dildos of ambitious thicknesses and extreme shapes, either for juicy role-playing, fabulous solo sessions or hot couple fucks.

Choose anal dildos made of reliable and durable materials. Anatomical comfort and compatibility with lubricants are also elements to consider in the choice. And most importantly, make sure it's the one you like. You can always ask us, we will be happy to advise you to select that dildo that will be memorable in your anus.

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