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  • Tips and tricks for the steamiest and intense BDSM act with your partner

    How do you make your sex more exciting and erotically intense? Some couples might have tried some role playing to bring out the sexiness that includes horny teacher and naughty student affair, the nurse and the hottie patient, or between the hunk captain and sexy chic passenger on the yacht. Anything incorporated with sexual acts can be something painful, yet more pleasurable that it makes you crave for more. And like Rihanna who gets excited with chains and whips even if it break her bones with stick and stones, according to her song S&M, you’ll scream for bondage, leathers and chains for the steamy sensation felt.

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  • Why you should include vibrators in your sex life

    Vibrators are intimate toys use mostly by men and women to enhance their sexual gratification with or without their partner around. With the popularity of vibrators in improving the sex life of most people, it’s not surprising that a lot of innovations that has something to do with vibrators have sprouted in every corner of the market worldwide, and along the rise of vibrators as a sexual necessity, are the misconceptions about the use of vibrators that some of it were proven false. Continue reading

  • Bondage basic


    Bondage and restraint is one of the most common sexual fantasies and we get a lot of questions about it. Here are a few key tips that will make it fun and exciting for you and your partner. Continue reading

  • What is The Nu Project?


    It is an initiative that began in 2005 in the hands of Matt Blum Photography, and this year visited Spain and Portugal. The objective of this project is to attract women just as they are, women, with all their faults, their virtues, and all theirs multicultural diversity. Continue reading

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